Monday, January 24, 2011

We 9 guys - I wanna join the circus EP (2010)

Hey Syphilites,

Ever have one of those moments that you are happy but angry and despondent at the same time? And when that happens you have no idea what music to put on right?

Well, worry no longer: 'We 9 Guys' have just dropped their first EP 'I wanna join the circus' - they manage to mix, according to their myspace, death metal - happy hardcore - and ska. Which they do. Badly. And sometimes out of tune. But still weirdly enjoyable. For short moments.

I imagine you putting on this album at 5am when you are seriously coming down and moments of euphoria are interchanged with moments of putrid self-hatred and misanthropy. Tribes around the world have been waiting for the perfect record for that 5am moment and you can download it from their Bandcamp and you can even name your own price.

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