Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Voodoo Sauce - She's Evil

Hey Syphilits,

Came across this via Bluesboy Jag's myspace (who says it's dead?) - He plays the his Cigar Box Guitar (CBG) in it. He also makes them and sells them from this website. I posted about Bluesboy Jag before here, and this is his Facebook page.

The Band is Voodoo Sauce. The song is 'She's Evil' - Pretty basic video, but I like the feel of it and the passion. Definitely wait for the photo of the bride in the end of the video.

This is the description of the video on youtube: "David McKnight featured on this video former drummer for the infamous Zorro and the Blue Footballs and the late Windy Austin (RIP) and the Hot House Tomato Boys, John Davies on bass formerly with Paper Kid, Cate Brothers and Michael Burks and Bluesboy Jag on cigar box guitar. Little Rock, Arkansas artists on the move."

'She's Evil'

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