Thursday, March 24, 2011

B-Toon, the post-apocalyptic cowboy - Atom Bombs (Demo) - Free Download

My Syphilites,

Finally a real post again.... I've been drifting in and out of wedding-land, had my family here - glorious times. I came across this one via Doom Grinder, a lecherous and weird music blog.

This is something you might find tasty, I'll leave it up to you. B-toon is a musician from Poland who presents himself as the one and only post-apocalyptic cowboy. I'm just listening to this for a second time, and I must say it sounds more like a slow and drudging Type O Negative, than country - which in itself is an accomplishment - although I could see this guy picking away on a porch as you stumble out of the post-nuclear desert, licking the salt of your lips, your eyeballs shrinking to raisins. I'm pretty sure he would laugh at you. Let's invent a new genre and call it 'metallic doom country'. Production is weak here and there, but it is a Demo, so we can't complain about that can we? Also, this will hopefully be remedied on his forthcoming album 'Wasteland' of which you can listen to vocal-free promo-mix at the bottom of this post.

Now what are you waiting for? 
(click on 'pobierz' in the bottom left)

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