Saturday, February 12, 2011

Haunted George

Hey Syphilites,

Haunted George is a dark piece of work from the dark woods of California. His music is ghoulish and dirge-like. Where Hasil Adkins attempted to keep some of his sanity, this guy has let go completely. A weird piece of work. 

How about 'hit you with my hammer' for example?

Or 'The Embalmer'?

He has got plenty of stuff for sale: Dead Beat have got his Bone Hauler. In The Red Records have got his 'Where's Charlie' 12" and his latest 'American Crow'. Hook or Crook still stock his two other LP's 'Pile O Meat' and 'Panther Howl'. You can find his whole discography over at Discogs.

And to really get you going: A couple of vids for ya.

'Weeks in a Casket'

And I'm not quite sure what is going on in this vid and I'm not even sure it is him. But it is weird and I like it. A few men banging on shit in the desert. Like something out of Fear and Loathing. Or the Manson Family. Dark dark stuff.

Pretty picture

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