Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dennis Hopper Choppers - new album 'Be Ready' behind the scenes footage

Hey Syphilites,

I know this blog has been weak/without quality posts for a few weeks. Things have been busy. I was studying again and I'm also planning my wedding. Exciting stuff. Anyway, this post redeems my vocal absence at least a bit. And later this week we can expect a full interview with M Jack Bee as well, so treats galore. 

Without further ado: I came across this one via the legendary compilation 'attack of the one-man-bands' released by Rock N Roll Purgatory (other website) in 2007. The Double CD is for sale at CDBaby for a mere $15 for 58 songs, or 26 cents/song.
Dennis Hopper Choppers (Ben Nicholls) is a one-man-band from Sussex in the UK. You can read his extensive BIO here on his own website. His music is pounding country/blues/punkish-psych stuff. Let's say it is hard to pin down.  His vocals are smooth and rockabilly-esque.  He is featured along with other one-man-bands, including Honkeyfinger, in a new documentary I just came across: 'One Man In the Band' by Adam Clitheroe. (Adam has also filmed a doco on the The Mighty Boosh on tour.) I want to tell you a lot more about this documentary at a later stage and I will at a later stage. In any case, Adam has recorded some backstage footage of Dennis Hopper Choppers recording his new album with producer Ben Hillier, who has previously worked with bands such as Depeche Mode.

This is the great video for DHC's 'Little Johnny'. Directed by Barney Clay. Filmed in B&W Super-8.

Listening to MC5 from his first LP 'Chop' which is still available from Amazon.

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