Saturday, January 8, 2011

Zombilly Videocast # 05 - Onemanbands

A videocast from The website, and a lot of the video, is in Portuguese (and Spanish) so I can't tell you much more about him/her/them, but if you check their myspace it is clear these are one-man-band afficionados too! Long live Brazil!

A battle of one-man-bands! Awesome!

According to the description these are the one-man-bands in the video: 

'Bands: El Monstro Orquestra (México), Amazing Onemanband (Uruguai), The Fabulous GoGo Boy From Alabama (SP), O Lendário Chucrobillyman (PR) and Chuck Vilence & His Onemanband (SC).'

(here is another post about the event in Portuguese)

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