Monday, January 10, 2011

Jesus and the Groupies - Boogie, Bullets & Jesus Christ + Mongrel Man

This is post #2 with the downloads that The Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama has posted on his blog.

Jesus and The Groupies are a combination of two one-man-bands: The Fabulous Go-Go Boy from Alabama and Uncle Butcher - I guess that makes it a two-man-band. More about Uncle Butcher later.

#3 Jesus &The Groupies - Boogie, Bullets & Jesus Christ (2010)


01. Ex-Wife Number 3
02. Boogie and Bullets
03. Regina

Gravado por Luis Tissot e Marco Butcher, participação de Kerry Davis e Mr. Plaza.

Download: Boogie Bullets & Jesus Christ


#4 Jesus &The Groupies - Mongrel Man (2010)


Lado A
01. Mongrel Man
Lado B
01. Down to the Scene
02. Betsy

Vinil 8'' lançado pelo selo alemão Squoodge Records
São 33 cópias em vinil preto com capa colorida e 11 cópias em vinil colorido com capa em stencil.

Download: Mongrel Man (click on 'Save file to your PC - click here)

Ex-Wife Number 3

Uncle Butcher vs. The Fabulous Go-Go Boy from Alabama live in Sao Paulo, November 2008

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