Saturday, January 15, 2011

Esmerelda Strange

Esmerelda Strange is a one-woman-band from San Fransisco, California. She has released two albums: 'Introducing Esmerelda Strange' (2005) and 'Strange Encounters with Esmerelda Strange' (2007), both of which are available via here via CDBaby.  She plays the accordion, which adds an interesting taste to the music. This is how she describes her music herself on her Website

'Just imagine an eclectic blend of Eastern European, Latin American, Urban Folk, Punk Rock, Rockabilly,and Klezmer music.  Well you don't have to imagine, because Esmerelda Strange delivers that, and so much more. 

It's an accordion-driven extravaganza! A sound that will always remind you of somthing else, no matter what that is. It's a melody that keeps sticking in your head, and beats that set your feet a-tappin. As real as smeary eyeliner, morning breath, or letting them see you sweat and just not caring; this music revels in the beauty of the imperfection of life. 

If it is somthing quixotic, undefinable and unique that you crave this could be the music to satisfy. It's a sound that evokes days long gone and places you've never been;yet a heart of rock and roll beats with wild and passionate abandon at it's center. 

Captivatingly raw and honest,these songs area celebration of life and death and every little thing that happens in beteween.  Original songs of beauty and hope, agony and desolation can all be found in the bands repitoire as well as a diverse selection of cover songs sure to suprise and entertain. 

These songs are an experience.
They are to be savored.

From the website you can also Download four songs from her first album. And her Myspace is definitely worth a visit if only to listen to her haunting version of 'Wayfaring Stranger'.

I can't find any recent videos of her, but here are a few from a 2006 gig.

Wayfaring Stranger:

Cunning Linguist:

The Waltz:

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