Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cheese Finger Brown

Sweet Jesus my dear Syphilites,

This is incredible: Cheese Finger Brown is a Dutch One-Man-Band residing in Finland. He sounds like a mix of C.W. Stoneking - Charlie Patton  - Abner Jay - A genuine one-man minstrel show.

There is a great article about Cheese Finger Brown on right here. There is an email you can contact if you want to buy records, but I'm not sure if it is still in use. I am in the process of finding out for you, my Syphilites, where and how we can buy his stuff. Because I want it, and after you listen to these videos and me the songs in his myspace, you will want to buy his gear too.

As always. When I know more, you will know more.

Good Old Fashioned Murder Boogie

Lowdown People

Old Hashbrown

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