Thursday, January 13, 2011

Black Mekon

Hey Syphilites,

Black Mekon have been blowing my mind. I've been listening to both their albums: 'Free Range Hassle', their debut album, and their 2010 release 'Broke Into Always On'. Both have been released by Cold Rice Records and are bought 'by donation' - so you can name your own price - but they are definitely worth the suggested donation of £5 for each. Seriously, if the Black Keys and Black Sabbath gave birth to a bastard-child in a bath-tub full of distortion acid than Black Mekon would be their offspring. (Three times black makes a right.)

Watch these vids and judge for yourself. Then go buy their shit.


Homeward Bound:

Get A Grip:

Brown Lullaby:

These guys have heaps of video's so be sure to check more on Youtube via Steviecopter's channel. I will certainly post more of them here on a later date.

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