Monday, December 27, 2010

Joe Buck Yourself - Piss and Vinegar

Joe Buck Yourself, hellbilly one-man-band extraordinaire, has a new album, 'Piss and Vinegar'. It is not yet available on Itunes or other MP3 outlets. You can order it here but ships within the US only. I can't really find much else about the album, apart from the EPK (electronic press kit) below, shot by Juddfilms, and an article on, which reports that the producer for the album is Jack Endino, who has produced albums for Nirvana and Mudhoney, amongst others. There is nothing yet about the release on his Myspace or on his Wikipedia page. I guess the proper release will be gearing up in the new year. Hopefully it will become available outside the US soon. Or perhaps us non-Americans will have to rely on the blogosphere to bring this one to us.

This is the 'Piss and Vinegar' version of 'Muddy Water' - the song also appeared on his self-titled full-length 'Joe Buck Yourself'. This seems calmer and with a bigger focus on the lyrics.
I got nothing more for you than this at the moment, but I will keep an eye on developments and report back to you as soon as it filters through to my syphilitic brain.


Hey Syphilites,

I wrote in my previous post about Joe Buck that I did not yet know when his new album Piss and Vinegar would be available outside the US. I received an email from his booking agency today that they are working on a distribution deal for outside the US. Until then - I hope you are from the states or have a friend there.

**Update #2**

I can tell from the traffic to SOB that a few people out there are looking for 'Piss and Vinegar' online. The album is now sold out at Joe Buck's BigCartel site and after reading the article on him on saving country music properly I now realise this album was initially meant to be distributed by Century Media - re-recorded and newly produced versions of previously recorded songs, like Bob Wayne's new one - but Buck fell out with Century Media and now the only way to get it is at shows. The album might surface on the net at one point, of course, but I always liked the raw production of Joe Buck's previous stuff and wonder whether a smoother production would really help the songs, with the emphasis on wonder.


5/9/11 finally managed to have a listen to the album Piss and Vinegar - if Buck fell out with Century Media because the production of the album completely takes away from his previous albums which are a lot stronger, with better production, then I understand why. The album features re-recordings of Buck's old songs, with a watering-down of his style that seriously takes away from Joe Buck's electricity which can be felt on his older recordings. Disappointing. I wonder if Buck has shed any light on the reasons on the falling out with Century Media since....

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