Friday, December 3, 2010

Dead Elvis & His One-Man-Grave - Let's Shake

Or this one. Hmmmm tasty. Dead Elvis.

I got asked for change by an Elvis impersonator the other day. And I wasn't even in Memphis. This was on the back-streets of suburban Melbourne, Australia. (In Elvis Voice) 'Excuse me sir. This is really embarrassing, but could you help me with a cappuccino?' I knew he was an imposter then. Elvis would never drink a cappuccino. Elvis drinks his coffee black! Everybody knows that. I karate-chopped him in the neck and he sunk to the ground a garbling mess. Before he blacked out he sighed: 'Damn, and to think I finally escaped from that flying saucer.' 

Anyway. Here's Dead Elvis:

You like that?

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