Monday, December 6, 2010

Creepiest photo ever

This is the creepiest photo ever. I found it via flickr on the UA Archives. UA stands for Upper Arlington. Which is here. Why you need to know that, I don't know. 

Italian Organ Grinder and Monkey, Portrayed by Dr. R. T. Ustik and Mrs. Will Butterworth, Field Day, 1918
UA Archives
This is the first part of the caption with the photo: 

"Dr. R. T. Ustik as an Italian organ grinder and Mrs. Will Butterworth as his monkey were voted the most comical costumed pair during Field Day in 1918. Dr. Ustik was one of the first few physicians in the Tri-Village area."

What I want to know: What the hell did Dr R.T. Ustik do with Mrs Will Butterworth's face? She looks like her left cheek is being sucked into a time-vortex. I'm horrified.

I'm pretty sure I saw Dr. Ustik the other day. He had not aged one day since 1918. He walked up to me, smelling of garlic, cupped my scrotum, glared me in the eye and asked in a high-pitched squeaking voice: 'Wheeerrrre is me monkey?' - That is when I fainted. I woke up with the lingering odour of garlic in my nostrils and a faint smile of horror on my lips. 

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