Saturday, December 11, 2010

Azathoth - Everybody Sleeps

photo.php.jpgI came across this band via a really bad demo I found on From This Swamp - The demo is really really bad. A bad rip from a bad tape from a bad recording. You can't really make anything out. Fuzz overlaid with vague screaming. Fascinating. It did warrant a search for online to see what they are up to now. Not much. It was confusing at first, too, because while the band I was looking for is from Italy, there is another Azathoth from Fresno California. This is the other one. But forget that. We are here for the Italians. Dig dig dig and this video came up. And I'm surprised. It is actually quite good. Lo-fi video with nifty animations. Lots of head-banging and a guy playing a keyboard in a field. And insinuations of abuse by a priest to top it all off. A quick brazen frenzied murder. Check it out:

Azathoth is actually a Lovecraftian god. This is the wikipedia entry. Lots of tentacles.

This is Azathoth's Myspace - Facebook - Website (Italian). It looks like there has been no activity on the website or facebook since 2009, so I'm not sure what is happening with the band. Anyway, through the power of youtube we can enjoy their one vid. 

Oh, and this is their Stairway to Heaven cover (Facebook).

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